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A Brief History of UK Parliament

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Our short history of the mother of parliaments. This documentary covers the basics of our parliamentary history, its past conflicts, and the forces that have molded into its current form.

Video Information

This video covers:

  • The formation of Parliament.
  • The at times dichotomous relationship between the Crown and Parliament.
  • The past conflicts that have shaped the modern Parliament and its foundational legislation, e.g. the Bill of Rights.
Information for Teachers

Teachers can use this video as an introductory tool for students, at the start of a lesson, or as a summary at the end.

The video provides a sound summary of main topic areas and covers key points, including:

  • Parliament’s historical role.
  • The historical clashes between Parliament and Crown.
  • The Resolution of these conflicts.
  • The birth of our modern Parliament from these conflicts and resolutions.

With thanks to

  • Lord Norton

Image (UK Parliament-Jessica Taylor)

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