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What pressures for reform are there?

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This video discusses the pressures for change and reform, where they come from, and how Parliament reacts and has historically reacted.

Video Information

This video covers:

  • The historical pressures for reform such as women’s suffrage.
  • The contemporary pressures such as representation that mirrors the diversity of the UK.
  • The origins of pressures for reform, both public and governmental.
Information for Teachers

Teachers can use this video as an introductory tool for students, at the start of a lesson, or as a summary at the end.

The video provides a sound summary of main topic areas and covers key points, including:

  • Historical reforms.
  • The benefit of reform and pressure for it.
  • How Parliament interacts with such pressure.

With thanks to

  • Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP
  • Baroness Boothroyd

Image – Prince’s Chamber Heralds (UK Parliament-Catherine Bebbington)

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