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What is the role of the Judiciary?

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This video discusses the role of the judiciary within the British system of government, whereby the Judiciary both enforces and explicates law passed by Parliament where either is needed.

Video Information

This video covers:

  • The duties of the Judiciary which include but are not limited to: interpreting, clarifying, and upholding the laws and legislations passed by Parliament.
  • The relationship thereby between the Judicial and Legislative branches of government.
Information for Teachers

Teachers can use this video as an introductory tool for students, at the start of a lesson, or as a summary at the end.

The video provides a sound summary of main topic areas and covers key points, including:

  • The function of the Judiciary.
  • The role the Judiciary plays in ‘checking’ the Legislative branch.

With thanks to

  • Baroness Scotland

Image – Supreme Court (DAVID ILIFF. License- CC-BY-SA 3.0)

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