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What lobbying is there of Parliamentarians?

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This video discusses lobbying as an inherent aspect of the Parliamentary system, and how it has evolved over the years.

Video Information

This video covers:

  • Originally, lobbying was less organised, and was often between individuals and their MP’s.
  • Today, lobbying has evolved to large organized lobbies.
  • However, there are still rules and regulations that set parameters for their conduct with MP’s.
Information for Teachers

Teachers can use this video as an introductory tool for students, at the start of a lesson, or as a summary at the end.

The video provides a sound summary of main topic areas and covers key points, including:

  • The Lobby system in the UK and its history.
  • How the Lobby interacts with government.

With thanks to

  • Lord Cormack
  • Baroness Stern
  • Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP

Image – Central Lobby (UK Parliament-Catherine Bebbington)

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