About Us

Parliament Revealed is operated by a team led by Lord Waverley, a member of the UK House of Lords. Originally set up as a web-based project to accommodate the desire of Parliaments in Central Asia to have an understanding of the workings of the United Kingdom Parliament, the site has grown into something much more, with almost 100 videos and blogs. On Parliament Revealed, you can expect to see up-to-date videos on parliament and how it functions, with a plethora of content on topics ranging from elections to e-petitions, and from adjournment debates to accountability. Our team of writers will also be publishing regular articles and blogs on new and emerging stories from Parliament to help keep you up to date with Westminster’s activities, and understand how the mother of parliaments works.


Our Founder

Lord Waverley is an independent member of the House of Lords, entering the United Kingdom Parliament in 1993. He has contributed regularly to Parliamentary proceedings on a wide range of topics and addressed many challenging issues of the day, travelling extensively.

Lord Waverley is the Founder and Chairman of SupplyFinder (www.supplyfinder.com), which connects the world’s professionals & organizations with opportunities, investments, industry news & sector-specific information.