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Laws & Scrutiny

This section details the processes of law-making in the UK's system, highlighting the typical stages that a bill will pass through from pre-drafting consultation to Royal Assent. It also examines the various forms of scrutiny that laws undergo before, during and after their passage through the Houses of Parliament.

This scrutiny takes many forms, from open consultation by the government during the policy-making phase, to select committees within Parliament, to external examination by the media.

How does Parliament hold Government to account?
How can individual Parliamentarians influence legislation?
How does Parliament ensure it's work is transparent?
What are the different types of legislation?
What internal scrutiny is there of Parliamentarians?
Where does legislation come from?
How do Bills become law?
How are the decisions of Parliament enacted?
What is post legislative scrutiny?
What pre legislative scrutiny is there?
What are Select Committees?
What are Free votes?
What are ePetitions?
What are Statutory Instruments?