Parliament Revealed
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This section looks at the people, MPs and Peers, who sit in the Houses of Parliament. It explains the different ways in which the two types of Member represent the people of the UK, their differing responsibilities and powers.

This section also studies the work of Parliament on an individual level, and details the staff, resources and mechanisms available to Members that allow them to perform their functions.

What work do MPs undertake in their constituencies?
How do MPs represent their constituents?
Ho do MPs maintain contact with their constituents?
What work do MPs undertake in Parliament?
How do MPs balance their workload?
What powers do MPs have?
What is the Role of the Opposition?
What are All Party Parliamentary Groups?
What lobbying is there of Parliamentarians?
How is the opposition structured?
How do constituents seek to influence their MP's?
What is the Register of Member's Interests?
What resources are made available to MPs?
What do Peers do?
What influence do MP's and Peers have?
What powers do Peers have?
How representative is Parliament of the people of the UK?
How does Parliament work for UK citizens?