Parliament Revealed
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Parliament in 30 minutes
Obama at Westminster
A brief history of UK Parliament
What are the underlying principles of the UK's parliamentary system?
How does Parliament's history inform how it works?
What function does Parliament serve?
What levels of government exist in the UK?
What is the role of the House of Commons?
What is the role of the House of Lords?
Why have two different chambers?
What is the role of the Monarch?
What is the State opening of Parliament?
By what mechanism are MPs elected?
How are Peers appointed?
How do the two chambers complement each other?
What separation of powers is there?
What is the role of political parties?
Function of Civil Servants
What is the role of the Judiciary?
What powers do the Judiciary have?
Work of Civil Servants?
Who oversees elections?
What is the Parliamentary lobby?
What pressures for reform are there?
What are the strengths and weaknesses of the UK's parliamentary system?
How does Parliament hold Government to account?
How can individual Parliamentarians influence legislation?
How does Parliament ensure it's work is transparent?
What are the different types of legislation?
What internal scrutiny is there of Parliamentarians?
Where does legislation come from?
How do Bills become law?
How are the decisions of Parliament enacted?
What is post legislative scrutiny?
What pre legislative scrutiny is there?
What are Select Committees?
What are Free votes?
What are ePetitions?
What are Statutory Instruments?
What work do MPs undertake in their constituencies?
How do MPs represent their constituents?
Ho do MPs maintain contact with their constituents?
What work do MPs undertake in Parliament?
How do MPs balance their workload?
What powers do MPs have?
What is the Role of the Opposition?
What are All Party Parliamentary Groups?
What lobbying is there of Parliamentarians?
How is the opposition structured?
How do constituents seek to influence their MP's?
What is the Register of Member's Interests?
What resources are made available to MPs?
What do Peers do?
What influence do MP's and Peers have?
What powers do Peers have?
How representative is Parliament of the people of the UK?
How does Parliament work for UK citizens?
What is the timetable for a typical day in Parliament?
How is the business of the House of Commons determined?
How Parliamentarians are supported by officials of the House?
What is the range of business discussed in Parliament?
What is the role of the Speakers?
How do Clerks support the work of Parliamentarians?
What is Prime Minister's Questions?
What are early day motions?
What are adjournment debates?
How do parties operate in Parliament?
What is the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards?